FullSizeRender      Parallel Planet is an evolving idea, an ebb, a flow between cultures, ideas and people.  We travel this world side-by-side even if we feel we are going this world alone.

So, if you want to be a part of a kick-ass travel network that’s in the business of helping you wander the world then you’re in the right place!  Parallel Planet’s aim as a company is to provide information, resources, and content for world travelers, entrepreneurs, and the still stuck “9-5ers”.

My name is Rebekah Abigail Dobbs and I have been in love with traveling since my aunt brought me my first National Geographic magazine as a kid.  I grew up in Homer, Alaska but I consider myself a California “local” since I spent most of my teenage years on the Central Coast.  I moved up to Southern Oregon to learn how to make wine (with Wooldridge Creek Winery) after some college in 2015 and stayed in the area for almost 2 years.  Learning how to make wine (and also Hard Cider with Apple Outlaw) inspired me to look into pursuing work in the alcohol industry, which is how I found the European Bartending School which I traveled to Ireland for in the Spring of 2017 (read about that adventure here!).  I am currently (and super randomly) living in Hollywood, California currently working towards building Parallel Planet into all that I imagine it to be before continuing on my grand adventure!

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