The Idea


Parallel Planet is an evolving idea, an ebb, a flow between cultures, ideas and people. We travel this world side-by-side even if we feel we are going this world alone.

So, if you want to be a part of a kick-ass travel network that’s in the business of helping you wander the world then you’re in the right place!  Parallel Planet’s aim as a company is to provide information, resources, and content for world travelers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads alike.

Parallel Planet is a creative collaboration of contributors.  We strive to create a network of freelancing, passionate, entrepreneurial-minded individuals.  The creation of this network begets idea, knowledge, and data sharing.



Miss Venturous

The founder of Parallel Planet, Rebekah Abigail Dobbs, has been in love with traveling since her aunt bought her a National Geographic magazine as a kid.  She grew up in Homer, Alaska but she considers herself a California “local” since she spent most of her teenage years on the Central Coast.  She moved up to Southern Oregon to learn how to make wine (with Wooldridge Creek Winery) after some college in 2015 and stayed in the area for almost 2 years.  Learning how to make wine (and also Hard Cider with Apple Outlaw) inspired her to look into pursuing work in the alcohol industry, which is how she found the European Bartending School which she traveled to Ireland for in the Spring of 2017 (read about that adventure here!).  She is currently (and super randomly) living in Hollywood, California working towards building Parallel Planet into all that she and her network imagine it to be before continuing on to the next destination.

Rebekah is currently a freelance content writer, editor, and ghostwriter for various clients as she builds Parallel Planet.  She hopes to inspire like-minded Digitial Nomads and create a collaborative job forum, self-start-up guidebook, network, and so much more.